The story behind SunFlux

Our Beginning

We are not just two family fathers. Since the summer of 2007, we have had a burning passion and a deep desire to make a difference in the LED light source industry. Our dream was to change how people thought about LED light and make it a standard in every home.

Challenges of travelling

When you hear our story, it may seem simple. But the reality was different. The road to success was paved with countless challenges. But our firm resolve and unwavering belief in our vision meant that the market began to recognise our ideas. Today, LED lighting is not only a standard, but also a preference in many homes and businesses.

Sunflux: Our Revolution

When we started, the big players like Philips and Osram had a different approach to LED lighting. They didn't focus so much on light quality. We saw an opportunity. A chance to fill a gap in the market. This was the beginning of Sunflux - a brand dedicated to delivering high-quality LED lights with the warmth and true colour rendering people were used to from traditional light sources.

Innovation and Growth

Our journey involved countless hours of research, selecting the right diodes, developing drivers and fine-tuning optics for our products. One of our proudest moments was the launch of our GU10 spots. These were the first in the world that could be dimmed with an LK-touch dimmer. This was not only a milestone, but also a game-changer. Our business started to grow rapidly and soon we expanded our product line. To date, we have sold over 5 million LED light sources and luminaires and our passion and dedication continues unabated. 

Eco-friendly Lighting: Our Core Philosophy

When we entered the LED light source market, we were driven by an ambition to offer something better than what was available. But this ambition was not only driven by product quality. For us, it was important that our products were also environmentally friendly. While LED lights are inherently energy efficient and have a long lifespan, we wanted to go a step further. We were determined to design our products so that it was easy for the consumer to replace the light source without having to replace the entire luminaire or lamp - a problem many encountered with the first generations of LED lights.

Recycling and Sustainability in Every Step

Our commitment to protecting the environment extends far beyond just our products. When it comes to shipping, we take extra steps to minimise our footprint. For many years, we have consciously chosen to recycle cardboard, regardless of the printed logos or labels, rather than invest in new ones. For us, it's not just about thinking about the environment - it's our core value.

SunFlux specialises in LED lighting

At SunFlux, we are experts in premium LED lighting. With two decades of experience in electronics and lighting, we are equipped to provide optimal service and offer the best products in the industry. Our in-depth knowledge means that we develop our products ourselves. In close co-operation with carefully selected dealers and installers, we provide sales, marketing and professional advice to public institutions, businesses and private individuals. All of this is done with an eye for every little detail and without compromise.

Danish design and development - and high ambitions for LED lighting

SunFlux stands for authentic Danish quality. Every bulb and light source we manufacture is created here in Denmark, complete with in-house designed optics, driver and cooling system. This ensures that our products outperform many of the other LED solutions available on the market. Thus, our products reflect the Danish understanding of design and its function.Our primary goal is to create and market the industry's most reliable LED light sources, lamps and luminaires - all with excellent colour rendering and dimming.We believe in a vision where anyone can upgrade their current lighting to modern, energy-efficient and environmentally conscious LED solutions without having to sacrifice light quality or comfort.At we have an impressive warehouse with over 100,000 light sources and luminaires spread over 750 m2 in Albertslund. From here, we handle orders from both Danish and international customers, both private and business customers, on a daily basis. 

Choose LED lamps and experience big savings

Do you want quality lighting without the high price tag? Then LED lighting is the right choice for you. When you choose LED lamps and bulbs over conventional halogen and incandescent bulbs, you are guaranteed first-class light.LED technology is known for its low energy consumption, which means significant savings on your electricity bill. Not only that, LED lights also have the advantage that they rarely need replacing. They are designed to last for several years and are highly resistant to physical impacts such as shocks and vibrations.In short, the benefits of LED lighting are both clear and compelling.

What can we offer you?

Whether you are new to the world of lighting or considering replacing your current bulbs with LED, we are here to guide and advise you. The choice between different LED lamps and lighting options can seem overwhelming, and it can be a challenge to decide which solutions best fulfil your requirements. We recognise this challenge and are always ready to assist you exactly when you need it.For example, we can help you navigate the wide range, choose the optimal LED lamp, or guide you through larger lighting projects. We are also happy to share our expertise on what you should consider when choosing LED lighting and tips for installation. 

Contact us

Are you in doubt, have questions or need help? We're here to provide advice and guidance, so don't hesitate to contact us!Contact us between 08-15 Monday to Friday on tel: +45 43 474 272 or write to us around the clock at