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Understanding CRI in shop lighting

When it comes to creating an inviting atmosphere in a store, lighting plays a key role. One aspect of lighting that is often overlooked is the Colour Rendering Index (CRI). For retailers, understanding and implementing the correct CRI in lighting is crucial as it directly affects customer perception and purchasing decisions. This article explores the importance of CRI and how you can optimise it to highlight your store and products in the best possible way.

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CRI in shop lighting

What is CRI?

CRI is a measurement that assesses how a light source renders colours in comparison to natural sunlight. The index operates on a scale from 0 to 100%, where a higher score indicates more accurate colour rendering. In other words, lighting with a high CRI score will display colours more accurately, which is crucial for an accurate presentation of your products.

Why is CRI important in Shop lighting?

The right lighting can significantly improve the customer's shopping experience. A high CRI level helps present products in their true colours, making them more attractive and inviting. This is especially important in retail environments where aesthetic appeal is key to driving sales. By investing in high-CRI lighting, retailers can create a visually satisfying experience that encourages customers to buy.

Using CRI in Practice

High CRI lighting is especially beneficial in stores that sell clothing, electronics, or food as it helps bring out the true colours of the products. A CRI score of 80 to 90 is considered good, while a score of 90 or higher is considered excellent for colour rendering, making it ideal for larger retail environments.

CRI in shop lighting

Considerations when choosing High CRI lighting

Today, LED lighting systems from Sunflux the most cost-effective and efficient way to achieve high-CRI lighting. They offer not only better colour rendering, but also reduced energy bills and lower maintenance costs. While the initial cost may be higher, the savings over time and the improvement in sales will more than offset this investment.


Understanding and implementing proper CRI in store lighting is not just an aesthetic decision, but a strategic one. It has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and sales. By investing in high-CRI lighting, retailers can create a more inviting and attractive shopping experience that showcases products in their best light. Take the step today and discover how Sunflux solutions can transform your store lighting.

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