Special LED Strips

Here you'll find our selection of speciality LED strips - in the very best quality, of course! Speciality LED strips is a category for LED strips that are out of the ordinary. This is where you'll find UV LED strips, for example. UV LED is a good choice for germicidal lighting for surfaces.

UV LED Strip

UV LED light strips are a great solution for disinfecting surfaces or disinfecting water. The LED strip can be applied to more or less all materials and surfaces.

Please note that if you combine more than 10 metres of 12V LED strips in one series, there will be such a black voltage drop that the strip will not shine very brightly. If you need more than 10 metres of LED strips, you should therefore consider whether you should use UV LED strips with higher voltage instead.

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Bacteria- and virus-killing ultraviolet strip

With ultraviolet LED strips you can effectively fight bacteria and viruses. It is a well-documented and effective method that destroys both DNA and RNA in bacteria. Our ultraviolet LED strips are not harmful to humans as they have a different light colour than the harmful UVC light.

We recommend mounting the UV LED strip above surfaces where you want to keep bacteria at a low level. This could be above the kitchen worktop, where the light is mounted under the wall cabinets. It could also be in the bathroom over the sink, where the UV light can come into its own and limit the emergence and growth of bacteria. The UV light has the same disinfecting effect in water and can be wrapped around a water container.

UV light for parties

UV LED ribbons are an obvious choice for parties. Especially parties characterised as 'rave parties', where guests are dressed in neon colours that will glow brightly in the UV light. Create a party with UV light and combine it with our range of RGB lights. With the RGB LED ribbon, you'll be able to light up the party in all kinds of colours.

Which power supply do I need for UV LED strips?

LED strips are powered by a driver/power supply, so be sure to order one as well.

To find out which power supply you need for UV LED strips, you need to look at the wattage of the desired LED strip.

Then there is a simple formula to calculate the appropriate power supply:

Number of watts per metre the desired LED strip uses x Number of metres the LED strip should be = Suitable power supply


You have found the LED strip you need, which has a consumption of 3.6 watts per metre. You would also like the LED strip to have a length of 5 metres. This is the calculation for a suitable power supply:

3.6 x 5 = 18W power supply.

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