LED power supply 24V-100W DIM, SP100-24VLT

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This LED driver designed for Lauritz Knudsen dimmers is the recommended choice to supply your 24V DC LED rails and LED strips with a constant and stable voltage. This quality product ensures that your LED devices function optimally by delivering the required current precisely and consistently. It is specially developed to match Lauritz Knudsen dimmers, giving you the flexibility you need to adjust the brightness and create the desired atmosphere in your room. By using this LED driver, you invest in a reliable solution that keeps your LED installations running efficiently over time.


LED Driver Snappy 24V - 100W Dimmable

The Snappy LED driver with 24V and 100W is an ideal solution for those looking for a reliable and efficient power supply for their LED lighting. It is specially designed to supply 24V LED rails and strips with a constant voltage, ensuring a stable and flicker-free light output. The driver is recommended for use with LK FUGA dimmers, panel dimmers and wireless dimmers, providing a wide range of applications and flexibility in installation.

When it comes to technical specifications, the Snappy LED driver has a power output of 100W with an input voltage of 200-240VAC and an output voltage of 24VDC. It has an IP20 rating, which means it is protected against dust and small particles and is suitable for indoor use. The dimensions vary slightly between different sources, but overall the driver is compactly designed, making it easy to install in tight spaces.

One of the notable technologies integrated in this driver is the Power Factor Correction (PFC) function, which improves efficiency and reduces energy consumption. Furthermore, it offers overload, overcurrent and overheating protection, ensuring long and reliable operation in various conditions.

The material and construction of this LED driver is of high quality, which is reflected in the long warranty period of up to 10 years. Furthermore, one source mentions the advanced light control function and the excellent thermal management achieved through AirLight technology, which ensures efficient heat management and thus extends the life of the driver.

Whether you need to install LED strip lights in your home, office or retail space, the 24V and 100W Snappy LED driver is a reliable and highly efficient solution that ensures a smooth and seamless lighting experience.

Driver scope of application:

It is recommended to use this quality led driver to power the 24V types of LED railr and LED ribbons with a constant voltage.

  • Load with LED ribbons and rails: 90%
  • Load with LED light sources: 60%


The LED Transformer is supplied with 220-240VAC on the primary side, always read the datasheet before installing the driver and light sources

Type: SP100-24VLT from Snappy


Consumption (Watt)100
DimmableYes, you can
Density (IP)20
Lifetime warranty2

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